Fruit Infused Water Bottle

infuser-water-bottle-reviewThe amount we all need to drink everyday varies on our size, the temperature and how active we are. However the Department of Health recommends that we should drink approximately 1.2 liters of fluid every day that is about six 150-200ml glasses a day.
That sounds a lot and it is….I definitely wasn’t drinking enough compared to those amounts…until now!
But the main fact you need to know is that we lose 2.5 liters; we get a liter from food and our body receives 0.3 liters from chemical reactions in our cells; the rest “as they say” is down to us to make up the rest. Which most of us are terrible at doing, so our body may eventually suffer with some of these symptoms;
  • headaches,
  • lack of energy,
  • feeling light-headed,
  • Do you have dark urine; or not pass much at a time?
We all start with great intentions of drinking more…including me…but with all of us it becomes a chore not an enjoyment, and its our body that loses out.

Sharp Infuser Water Bottle – Why Its good!

Ive been a reviewer for over 25 years and some products really stand out for me and that I get really enthusiastic about; the Sharp Infuser water bottle is one these..  it is amazing!!! I’m in love with this genius idea. Seriously these water infusers do what it says on the bottle. You get to enjoy and drink more fresh water. It turns drinking water into a beautifully refreshing infusion of flavors that “is good for you”.
How many things taste nice that are good for you?

infused-water-bottle-sharp-infuserFirst impressions on the sharp infuser, it has a wonderful substantial weight to it, you can really feel the quality. I absolutely love the bottle. So how did I get on…well after buying what seemed the whole fruit section at Vons, here are some photos of what I did.

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