Manual Ceramic Burr Coffee Grinder

conical-burr-coffee-grinder-reviewManual grinders have regained popularity over the past few years. Older grinders from Zassenhaus have had to make room for new hand grinders like the Pharos and hand mills from Clara’s Coffee. The design and function has evolved and today’s manual coffee grinders claim to produce a very respectable grind matching that of a $1000+ commercial grinder at a fraction of the cost. Their attractive price point combined with the portability of a manual coffee grinder makes them very attractive for those on a budget or the office cubical worker or traveler.

SFAF Pledge acquired a Clara’s Coffee manual ceramic grinder for a camping review. Over the summer, these grinders will be used extensively in the camping grounds of our great nation.

The grinder is a simple grinder. Small, light weight, all stainless steel and easy to use. This is the quintessential travel grinder. There are no glass parts to break and the grinder would easily slip into an overnight bag or backpack for camping. It is essentially a stainless steel tube with some ceramic burrs at the bottom.

spice-coffee-bean-grinderThe handle on the Clara’s Coffee grinder is stamped steel, and while thin, it is adequate and should not bend unless you put undue force on the handle. The knob on the grinding handle is larger than the other grinders and easier to grasp. The grinding handle simply slips over a hex shaped fitting on the burr shaft. This make the handle easy to remove for storage but if you apply upward pressure while grinding you can slip the handle off mid crank.

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